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MMC Makes Positive Impact in Sinoe County

Mike Mueller Charity Making Positive Impact in Sinoe County, Seeking Aid to Do More.

Ambulance Donated to JFK Center

MMC donates Liberia ’s first modernized public emergency response unit in several decades.

World Ambassadors Of Hope Foundation

WAOH in collaboration with MMC Leads a two day successful workshop in Liberia.

Women and Children Empowerment

Mike Mueller Charities Sponsors Event for the Center of Women & Children Empowerment in Liberia.

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Unlocking the potential of young Liberians and empowering the women of Liberia
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WAOH Leads A Two Day Successful Workshop

WAOH Officials

WAOH, in collaboration with Mike Mueller Charities leads a two day workshop, from the 21st to the 22nd November 2009, on taking "Small and Micro Scale enterprises to the next level." The 2 day workshop also included empowering women to be active in democracy process in their country as well as small scale businesses.

Leading the 2 day-successful workshop was Aku Angela Tarras-Wahlberg, executive director of World Ambassadors Of Hope Foundation. Aku T-W expresses in a press conference (tv&radio) held in Liberia that, the future of Africa's economic growth lies in the massive promotion of Micro & Small scale enterprises. of which women are mainly found in its successful involvement, according to the 'Millineaum development goal research' made a few years back. World Ambassadors Of Hope Foundation worked in collaboration with Mike Mueller Charities organization.

Aku Wahlberg

The aim of this workshop is to reduce poverty in developing countries by stimulating, SME. This could possibly be the key of revival of growth and elimination of poverty on asustainable basis. Attendants at the workshop were over 150 active participants. The different focus groups shared mainly on problems and finding more solutions collectively in order to improve on the nation's human's resources. Aku Tarras-Wahlberg contends that the problems facing MSE is not limited to Liberia alone but has a common thread running through especially the sub-saharan countries, an example being Ghana where I come from. Therefore the best is to continue to work together as 'sister nations' in Africa to fight against poverty in this way. United we stand-Divided we fall.

Gracing the final occasion during the banquet and awards evening was his Excellency the Vice President of Liberia, Mr. Joseph Boakai who awarded some of the participants of this workshop for their hard work and success from 'grass' to 'grace' through the promotion of small scale business.

Aku Tarras-Wahlberg finally shared that Micro and small enterprises provide employment to the poor who have no other means of income. Women are highly represented in self-employment and operating small income generating activity. Although women’s MSE’s are significant in terms of reducing the household vulnerability to poverty, many of them are not reaching their growth potential due to various factors as summarized above. Many of the constraints women micro and small enterprises face cannot be ddressed with one single intervention or one single sector for that matter. The micro and small enterprises, although their importance for poverty reduction is recognized, there is little confidence among policy makers about their ability to contribute to the growth of the economy. Therefore, greater attention needs to be paid to the development of the sector in general in promoting women owned micro and small enterprises in the continent and ensure women’s economic empowerment as a way to reducing poverty and promoting growth on sustainable basis.

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