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MMC Makes Positive Impact in Sinoe County

Mike Mueller Charity Making Positive Impact in Sinoe County, Seeking Aid to Do More.

Ambulance Donated to JFK Center

MMC donates Liberia ’s first modernized public emergency response unit in several decades.

World Ambassadors Of Hope Foundation

WAOH in collaboration with MMC Leads a two day successful workshop in Liberia.

Women and Children Empowerment

Mike Mueller Charities Sponsors Event for the Center of Women & Children Empowerment in Liberia.

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Unlocking the potential of young Liberians and empowering the women of Liberia
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Mike Mueller Charities Making Impact

in Sinoe County, Seeking Aid to Do More


Mike Mueller

Mike Geegbae Mueller

Monrovia- The Mike Geegbae Mueller Charity foundation was founded June 5th 2007 with the aim of helping to bring relief and assistance to Liberians. In June this year, the foundation kicked off its operation in Greenville City, Sinoe County at a well-attended and overcrowded program at the Greenville City hall. The Charity, after carrying out Projects in other Counties to include Montserrado and Nimba, is now visible in Sinoe County, the home of its founder Mr. Mike Geegbae Mueller.

The charity took a tour of most parts of Sinoe County to identify with the people and identify major projects to help bring some relief, sanity, provide some educational materials, chairs and medical assistance to the people of Sinoe County. The project is aimed at bringing success to the under-served in society. One of the goals, tagged "THE OPEN BOOK", gives young children an opportunity through his Foundation to meet the challenges of education and disabled children where the society is blind to their needs.

Humanitarian Pursuit

Mueller has undertaken noble objective in pursuit of a humanitarian and philanthropic agenda by setting up the Mike Geegbae Mueller charities. The foundation is fully committed to the prevention of all forms of human degradation and exploitation by liberating and uplifting the vulnerable, especially in area of educational advancement of young people, women, health care delivery on high infant and maternal mortality. Michael Geegbae Mueller was born in Liberia and went to Switzerland to continue his education. He graduated 1987, gaining his Swiss Confederation Business Diploma. In 1996, he went on to gain a degree in Economics and Business Administration and in 2003, his Investment Adviser Funds degree. Mr. Mueller has had a very broad and rich career. Mueller is an insightful Nationalist and campaigner of Financial Transparency and Good Governance, a philanthropist, and distinguished sport Administrator, a man of veracity, who is possessed with firm moral fibre.

Mueller is a campaigner for the development and promotion of youths, distribution of equal wealth of people, committed worker, courage and visionary. Hon. Mueller is a man of his words, he keeps his promises and he is one of Liberia's most successful educators, his success did not come on silver platter as many would assume. Mueller, an advocate of good governance and financial transparency, believes that the public services, including the national legislature should consist of individuals who are prepare to put Liberia interest first in the conduct of public business. He believe that all Sinoeis, Liberians should have access to basic services such as safe drinking water, good health care, clean and safe environment, Educational opportunity and an environment that promotes young people to a highest level of achievement.

Reconciliation Tourney in Works

Mike in Sinoe Next month, the Muller Charity will hold a peace and reconciliation tournament between the two tribes in Sinoe, the Sapo and Kru. The Charity says, the people in Sinoe have been divided for political and economic reasons for few persons adding that the upcoming tournament will bring the people together. The Charity says, Sinoe will go nowhere in term of development if the two tribes cannot put aside their differences and hold together.

After years of charity work in several parts of Liberia the Mike Geegbae Muller charity foundation is taking shape in Sinoe County. After carrying out projects in other counties including Montserrado and Nimba the charity is currently visible in Sinoe County the home of its founder Mike Geegbae Muller. The founder of the Charity Mike Geegbae Muller said, the Charity took a tour of Sinoe and realized that schools were without chairs for students and clinics lack basic drug for locals. Muller said, the project will help provide educational materials and medical assistance to the people of Sinoe.

Several Donations Made

"One of the goals, tagged is the Open Book which will give young and disable children the opportunities meet up with their educational needs, where the society is blind." Muller said, his foundation is committed to fight all forms of human rights abuse, particularly the health and educational sectors. Muller added, that the Charity has visit several Counties during which time they[Charity] donated items and renovated schools. "We have donated an ambulance to the JFK[John F. Kennedy] hospital in Montserrado, renovated the Demonstration School. We have initiated a three hundred and seventy five thousand Liberian dollars[LD$375,000] mini farm project to the traditional people of Sinoe, Muller said. "We have given seventy-six thousand dollars for scholarship for student at the University of Liberia hailing from Sinoe," Muller said. Muller said, the deplorable condition of schools and clinic there is a need for more aid for the people of Sinoe County. "Based on the condition of schools, clinics, roads, it is impossible for a single charity to solve all the problems in Sinoe. That is why the Mark Muller Charity Foundation is seeking cooperation from international NGOs and other stakeholders to help champion these challenges," Muller continues. Muller said, the aimed of the projects is to bring success to the under-served in society adding that his projects hope to stretch to fifteen political sub-division of Liberia. All of the Charity projects are self-funded by the Founder Mark Geegbae Muller who has a wealth of experience in the financial world. According to Muller, public services including the legislature should consist of individuals who are prepared to interest in the conduct of public business. He added that it is his hope that Liberians have access to basic services such as safe drinking water, good health care and educational opportunities for young people.

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